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Engine Malfunction light and stops


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I have a 2010 Ford Focus Estate 1.6Zetec TDCi. This is now the fourth  time my engine Malfunction light has come on in less than 2 months. The EGR light also illuminates briefly.  This results in the engine completely cutting out and me having to pull over in some very inconvenient spots at extreme short notice. This does not seem awfully safe to me-I count myself lucky so far to not be on a motorway with no hard shoulder at the time.

3out of the 4 times the car has restarted upon viewing messages on the dashboard menu and gone on its merry way. But I have had it towed to the dealership once as that tactic didn't work & the rac could not conjure it back to life either. 

The Ford Dealership have run diagnostics on it on 3 of these occasions and find no fault! Clearly I disagree!!! 

Also of note. It feels like it is misfiring when cold too. The engine Malfunction business occurs when warm. 

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