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Heating selector sticking - intermittent


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Hi all,

   Recently purchased 12 plate focus 1.0, around Christmas time there was no heat from the blowers and the selector appeared to stick in one location, I.e just on the windscreen, the blower controls are working fine and strength increases and decreases normally.

I noticed the coolant was short of the maximum line in  the reservoir tank so topped it up to be safe, after a friend showed me how access the back of the control unit I've been able to disconnect and reconnect selector cable which seems to reset the position, unfortunately it appears to be temporary, eventually it sticks again and sometimes the heat is reluctant to work.


As we bought the vehicle second hand we've got warrant with RAC but I'm hoping to avoid being with out a car if someone has a simple fix.


P.s coolant seems fine now, so apparent leaks.


Let me know your thoughts, and/or if I've missed anything.



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