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I have a 2001 Zetec Focus 1.6.

When I lock the car on double locking I get the standard two flashes from the indicator lights and when I unlocking the car I get one flash from the indicator lights.

I have just noticed that the now when unlocking the car the lights are not flashing the one unlock flash.

They are still ok when locking the car and still showing two flashes on double locking ?

All the doors and boot are locking and unlocking ok.

Can anybody tell me why the lights have stopped flashing on unlocking.

Many thanks.

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Reprogramme the key fob to lock/unlock the car

Put key in ignition

Turn to position 2 and off 4 times in 6 seconds, you'll hear a chime

Remove key and press and button on the fob.

Put key back in and turn to 2 and off again.

Remove key and bingo you are in remote locking world again.

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Hi there

i tried that method you gave.

i heard the chime sound, did the rest after but my fob isn't working still.

any other suggestions?

Yes buy a new keyfob, you most certainly have a broken keyfob my friend. Its also a good idea to post your own threads when you have problems friend not hijack other peoples.

Have tried both of those but no difference.


Back to the original topic, I'm not sure why else it could happen. I think flashing indicators when unlocking indicates the alarm functions deactivated (if alarm is fitted). Maybe if you have the optional ford alarm fitted its become faulty. If you have a simple test is to lock your car, wait a minute for the alarm to arm then open your bonnet. The alarm should sound so dont jump and drop the bonnet and hurt yourself lol

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