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Fiesta Mk8 Vs Magic Tree

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I very recently bought a Mk8 Zetec S (after owning a Titanium Mk7), but made a bit of a school boy error. Rather stupidly, I bought a Magic Tree air freshener, took it out of the packet and left it on my clock/radio dash. From what I've recently read, Magic Tree advises you to leave the air fresheners in the packet, as they contain some acidic substance that will melt away your plastic.

My question really, is how would I go about swapping the affected plastic panel out (and, exactly what is the name of it)? I've tried researching, and had a little play about.. but gave up, and resorting for some enthusiast's help (with added pictures so that you can share my pain).



Bit of a downer on a car that has less than 500 miles on it :(

Many thanks, Andrew.

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Ooooosh, iNath swoops in to save the day, and its a cheap fix too. I'll be sure not to leave my magic tree there lol.

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