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Mk3 Focus not starting after engine work


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So the story is, I had the head gasket go 1.6 ecoboost and some other work done on the short engine. Done by a local mechanic I know, very good at his stuff so I believe his done everything as it should be. The head and other engine work was done at a local and very recommended engineers so again I believe their work to be of top standard. It suffered overheat and cut out a few months back.

I had a little search about for a like for like engine, and they seemed to be few and far between and the ones I found were in my opinion over priced for used engines of their age which had no guaranteed history and possible trouble again. So after a few quotes and a chat to the engineers they were more than happy to do the work necessary once I managed to get the cash together for them and then the labour on top to strip and rebuild it. Took a lot longer than I wanted but cash was tight, got there in the end all works to the engine and head done and then a slow-ish rebuild pretty much completed late this afternoon.

Then the scary moment of hitting the start button after such a major job. Well the mechanic got in pressed the button and it turned over and didn't fire on the first brief attempt. He left it a minute and then tried again, this time leaving it a bit longer turning over and you could hear it picking up speed/momentum about to start. But he could smell the petrol and not wanting to flood it said he'll give it a minute again.

Then he tried again feeling confident after the second try and nothing. The dash lights and everything else come on as normal, but the push start button does nothing at all. When initially pressed you hear something mechanical start, then when you press the clutch to start it nothing happens at all, no sound nothing. It has now displayed a message.....Ford keyfree switch ignition off press power.

Any advice would be appreciated, everything was double checked connection wise and the fact everything was functioning and turning over made it all the more strange. Had it done it from the first attempt it would of been a total blank to what it could be. But as said everything seemed to function and it was turning over, he turned it on and off a could of times initially before attempting to start to prime the fuel pump? He's going to try his diagnostics machine tomorrow but unsure if his software it recent enough to read it.

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