Coolant drip

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Hello everyone. Just bought the daughters first car, a 2007 Ford Ka 1.3 zetec.

First time out the HP power steering pipe burst due to a bodge of a rubber hose between the metal pipe that runs at the back of the front bumper. That seems all sorted and I applied copper slip liberally over the new pipe.

it now appears to have developed a small coolant leak from the thermostat housing. Previous owners swore the car never used any coolant before. Am I right in thinking there is a gasket that might need replacing?

Looks like I can get to it by removing the air filter box. Haven’t done much work on cars since my 20’s which is nearly 20years ago. I expect to be a regular visitor to the site but found guidance on here very useful.

Apart from this and a worn drop link, the car seems to drive pretty good and the daughter loves it.

Any advice on the coolant issue, much appreciated.

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remove airbox to get at the thermostat and replace the whole this as the seal is a 0 ring rfor memory and not

worth trying to replace just that is the face of the thermostat body usually corrodes and leaks.

take care as sometimes they are a plastic item so dont overtighten the bolts.

try to get ford part but they are expensive so aftermarket will do as its an old car

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Ordered through amazon for £15. I will tackle it at the weekend. Hope the alloy isn’t pitted!

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