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11 hours ago, iantt said:

have you registered as  a member of the public?

Yeah, I have an online account to view cars etc.  But can't bid online as a private buyer, and the fees are nearly 3 times as much for private buyers than trade buyers...  If I buy a car for £8k I'm looking at nearly £700 in fees!! 😮 Plus I think I'll need to pay £70 to register in person before being able to bid even at the live auctions, though not 100% I've read that part right.


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So, the auction was today...  The car had a trade value of £8,500 and £10,450 forecourt value.  I was hoping to get it for £8-8.5k (plus fees).  It sold for £10,500... 😮  There's a few hundred quids worth of prep to get it to forecourt condition as well, I can't understand how the buyer will make any profit at all!  It looks like most of the cars were making retail value rather than trade value, I can see why traders push finance as they can't be making enough on margins alone. :unsure: 

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