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Bang & Olufsen MK8... Underwhelmed?


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Has anyone else got the B&O sound system in a 2017/18 Fiesta and is a little underwhelmed? 

It's a good improvement over the stock system but I'm disappointed that most of the power seems to concentrated from the dash.  If I try and move it to the back it sounds muffled and weedy, especially surprising is I can barely feel/hear the sub-woofer in the boot. 

I wasn't after massive power just to feel that the sound was centralised not coming out of the front. 

Anyone else have any experiences? 

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21 minutes ago, Tiexen said:

Depends what your playing and what source, I find good quality USB files sound good, something like: Daft Punk - Get Lucky, has good base from the sub,


Yeah totally agree,  some sources / files sound great, but no matter the source if I try to move the power rearward the quality drops off a cliff with most stuff. 

Do you reckon only some files / sources drive the sub with certain frequency ranges? 

If so I'm not finding many lol. 

Then '360' surround sound doesn't seem to help either. 

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Mystery solved.  The dealership gave me a B&O USB stick with some demo music

Did some testing and it sounds amazing lol.  I was able to push the sound around the car brilliantly. 

So I guess it's down to the recording quality / channels / bit rate of the file / music as to whether the system can really shine. 

Just a bit disappointing that it's not tuned in a way that makes the most of the majority of sources. 

Happier now though. 

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8 hours ago, Luke4efc said:

I was disappointed to find Flac didn't play. My music file sizes are at least 30mb each now, but at least they're lossless and sound amazing on the right system.

Really? Damn.  I've just grabbed a bunch of FLAC files to use as the car manual says they're supported. 

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7 hours ago, lst said:

I play my music from my phone via bluetooth and it always sounds great. I find that the input level (output from the phone) does have to be high to get the best out of the B&O system.

Might give that a try, thanks. 

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Flac is working fine for me. 

I have found this system shows up poor production. It really shines with decent stuff. Ive converted my entire collection to flac, but still some artists have done poor masters which this shows up. 

I also found i had to turn treble right down, it's 3 off the bottom for me. 

Also adaptive volume doesn't just adjust the volume it skews the eq too, so I'd turn that off and just adjust volume manually. Helped me loads. 

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Just when I had the car I had the same feeling, I think I made post about it somewhere on the forum. I found that it really needs a good DAB signal, but to really use the system a good source like Spotify (highest bitrate) or even higher on USB. Just like Alex says, the system really shines when you provide it with good quality audio. If not, it doesn't really sound better than the standard system.. 

Another thing I found is the following:

- The autovolume really has an impact on the sound quality, not just the volume. I found this from other Ford users, and after I switched it off it does sound better.

- Stereo sounds a lot cleaner than surround in my opinion. 

- I have the highs +1, the bass +2, this in combination with Stereo and Autovolume off with a good audio source makes me a very happy listener! 🙂

Edit: I now see that Alex made the same comment about the Autovolume, totally agree!!!

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Thanks so much everyone. 

I grabbed a bunch of FLAC files and the majority of them sound really really good.   I also have the auto volume off. 

As mentioned it depends on the source quality, but l didn't have any idea the difference it would make moving to lossless files. The sound fills the car now. 

I discounted a lot of vehicles in my search to get one with the B&O system so knowing how to get the best out of it has made a real difference. 

Cheers everyone 😉

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