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A friend of mine has just bought said vehicle and i was wondering whether it had a DPF fitted or not? I have been on Ford ETIS and it doesn't tell me.

Thank you

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I am 95% certain it does not have dpf.  I had a 2007 fiesta 1.6tdci and that definitely did not have one. But I know some of the Focus models with the 1.6tdci engine did have dpf around that time.

Have a look at autotrader and take the reg numbers of 1.6tdci Focus of that era and lookt them up on Ford Etis.  If you pick one which is above 100bhp I think it is dpf , if you pick one below 100bhp I think it does not have dpf, comparing them on ford etis to show exactly how ford etis differentiates in the equipment between dpf and not dpf so you can tell for the Fusion.

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