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Brake fluid warning light/sound problem


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Hi all,

I'm hoping you can help me diagnose a really annoying problem I'm having with my KA (2013) Zetec model. Recently (over the last couple of years) the brake fluid warning keeps randomly going off, and it's getting more frequent! I've taken it to a garage and they just say they've topped it up and it will be ok. I should also note that it's always been within the advisable limit and never dropped out of where it's supposed to be.

Is this likely to be a faulty sensor, and if it is (or isn't) and ideas on what I can do? It's so annoying, especially as I know the car is operating okay otherwise.

Thanks :) Jon

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I'm fairly sure the brake fluid was changed at various intervals during services (although I can't categorically say yes...). Thanks Stef, I'm not much of a mechanic, but I can certainly pass this idea to mine :)

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I’ve just got a 1.2 Ford Ka detective and it’s doing the same. Garage can’t find the fault. oil was changed. Does not show up on a diagnostic test. So its going back to the garage where I bought it again today. If they can’t find the fault then they can have the car back! Did you find out what the fault was on yours? So I can point them in the right direction!!

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