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2012 ecoboost titanium - engine malfunction etc


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Ive just got an ecoboost titanium 1.0 focus (and love it) after having just got rid of my Mk2 Ghia 2004.

Anyway - 24 hours in - and I get an Engine Malfunction - service Now message.

It was a bit low in oil and water - now all topped up. But I still get it at random times and the orange Engine light is on.

I'm guessing this is a generic type fault. The engine runs fine, not over heating - all working fine.

Should I be worried ? , should I still drive it ? - will be taking back to place I bought it - but it was a trade - trade agreement with no warranty (which I agreed and was happy about)

ps Merry Christmas

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Without performing a proper diagnostic using a Ford specific diagnosic system it is almost impossible to even guess what the actual cause of the problem is.

The engine malfunction message can basically be caused by loads of problems (Both critical or not critical). Personally I would not drive the car until the cause of the problem is clear.

To be honest it is not the best idea to buy a MK3  1.0 ECOboost without any warranty. The 2012 --> 2014  1.0 ECOboost did have its problems. When buying one it should have at least a full, well documented service history. Buying a 2012 --> 2014  1.0 ECOboost without any warranty or service history is basically the same as playing Russian roulette. 

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On 12/21/2018 at 2:01 PM, Heisenberg said:

Get your money back whilst you can.

And Google ecoboost nightmare and have a read.

I wouldn't got that far, other than reasonable service history, if it was me I'd definitely be looking to replace the cooling system with the upgraded one from the MK3.5 (new tank and hoses).  There was a thread on here within the last few weeks that had a diagram and the part numbers for what seemed like a simple job to swap things over.

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I've had this issue maybe twice a year since I've owned my 1.6 Ecoboost but put it down to the open ended K&N filter I'm running. Quick plug in of my OBD2 reader, reset and no problem for another 6 months or so. Funnily enough though it's not done it since my car went in for the potential overheating recall. I'm booked in for another recall in Jan for the clutch slip detection software update.

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