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Ford Focus mk2 - Wet drivers side footwell


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This is my first post on this forum. The drivers side footwell on my 2005 Focus mk2 is very wet. Through a process of elimination, I think its rainwater and not a leak from any internal components (pollen filter, heating matrix).  The water appears to be coming in on the Right hand side of the footwell but I haven't managed to remove the thick insulation that sits under the pedals (can this be removed?).  I have managed to get the windscreen replaced under warranty and the scuttle drains are clear but water still keeps getting in. My next plan is to remove the wheel arch liners and see if there is any water getting in here. Any other ideas would be very welcome.  Thank you

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Air conditioning pipe on the left hand side? May of come loose? There's a screw on the panel on the left hand side, undo that, pull the carpet back and you should see a little white pipe. Check that. 

I have a leak on the passenger side, still haven't located mine, it's a pain in the *****! 

Good luck! 

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