Battery Drain Issue on 2008 Ford Transit Connect

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Hi everyone, 


I noticed my battery was dead each morning, tested for a parasitic draw and found 250 milliamps on fuse (F48).

With this fuse removed, battery is fine without any issues. I checked the manual and it tells me that this fuse controls various things such as central locking, hazard warning lights, parking sensors. Although with the fuse removed they all work as expected. The only things that do not work are the re circulation button, interior light (when van is off), headlight warning buzzer.


The only thing that I am suspicious of is that when i push the fuse in, i hear a relay click inside the fuse box. 

I am struggling to find anything that is causing the fault and have disconnected lots of things to try and isolate it but without a proper wiring diagram or knowledge it's difficult.


Can anyone shed some light or tips on what to look for to identify what is causing the fault?

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