Grinding sound (Focus MK2.5)

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Hello, I have an grinding sound issue (well 2) that I hope someone can help me with please!

I recently bought a 2010 MK2.5 Focus 1.8 Zetec that's in very good condition with a little over 33,000 miles (so I am surprised at the issue), but it has a grinding sound which I believe is coming from a front part of the running gear - this issue doesn't seem to be related to brake load or acceleration (potentially a joint issue - body roll weight issue??).

The reason I say 2 issues is because my girlfriend owns a 2009 MK2.5 Focus 1.6 diesel which has exactly the same issue (amongst others), but worse which has around 108000.

When driving my car, I can only hear the sound; it's happened when braking, accelerating and when I've not even had my feet on the pedals. When driving my girlfriends car, it's happened in the same circumstances, but I have felt it through all three pedals at some point.

I've taken the wheels off my car and checked for scratches/grooves on the brake discs and wear on the surrounding equipment, but have not seen anything out of the ordinary (I'm not a mechanic, but do have a good eye for things).

I've uploaded a clip as I recorded this on my way home today - apologies that it's not the best quality, but it's the best I've got so far!

Any help is great for both our cars!

(By the way, I am breaking in the clip provided, but as said, it can happen whenever).


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