Aux connection on radio mk6 fiesta

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I have a mk6 fiesta which has had a few niggling problems since I’ve owned it and finally getting around to fixing this things. 

I have an aux in connection to play through the radio however it seems to be a bit of a dodgy connection. A headphone jack doesn’t seem to fit tightly enough and so it wobbles when driving so sometimes it’ll play through all Speakers and then only the right/left. 

My question is has anyone had this issue and fixed it? Orr do I just get a new aux connection for the centre console (around the gear leaver)??

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Make sure there isnt small bits of dirt stuck in the bottom of the port. You can usually fish these out with a safety pin and a bit of blowing (now now😏). It stops the Jack seating all the way and feeling loose.

If that doesnt work then yeah, I'd get a new 3.5mm Jack port.

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There is a general design flaw with the Ford sockets used at that stage.
The contacts are all in the back half of the socket but the front half is the bit that locks into the trim and clamps the back half together.
When the clamps get worn the back half of the socket moves and causes the socket to get deeper and the contacts don't line up with the 3.5 plug anymore.
Pull the gear gaiter off, pull out the cable connector, squeeze the front & rear halves back together then loop an elastic band tightly around the socket, this will hold the clamps tighter against the back half and stop any movement.
If you plug in the 3.5 cable and leave it in place then that should also help as repeated insertion will also push the rear half down again.

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