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Mk 6 1.25 Zetec


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I currently have a 2008 1.25 ford fiesta zetec. Instead of buying a new car i was considering upgrading it and trying to make it faster. I dont know much about engine upgrades and have only heard of certain phrases in passing but i am willing to learn and wish to try and get the best out of my car.

I was wondering if anyone could help me by letting me know what could be done to increase the power of my car without it costing too much money?


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there is nothing you can do,that is cheap and gives a lot of bhp,if you dont have a lot of money to spend than i would recomend: k&n panel filter,full sport exhaust,than a remap,and that is it,the gains are from 4-8 bhp

If you had a lot of money to spend i would say only one thing: TURBO IT!!!!! :D

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Not worth it mate, really

The money youd spend trying to get decent power out of it you are better off getting a new car and insurance and it would be cheaper than trying to get the same figures from said upgrade vehicle.

And also, ive been informed the ecu on our fiestas are heavily encrypted so theres only certain companys that can map it.

Its not anything negative mate its just worth waiting, think im going to keep mine now till next year when im 21 and can get some decent power under my right foot :)

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