Fiesta MK5 Throttle issue

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Been having problems with my 2005 MK5 Fiesta. Revs seem to sit really high when car is idling and the second issue is when changing gear/general driving the car feels like its going to stall.

Been told its something to do with the throttle body or throttle position sensor ?

I have found a replacement throttle body online but does the MK5 have a throttle position sensor or is it only on the new models. If so where is the throttle position sensor located on the MK5 ?


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I don't know the answer. But in the UK a 2005 Fiesta is a Mk6 , although it is often shown as Mk V (roman numeral 5 on places like ebay parts finder). The confusion is because different countries went out of sync on the Mk numbers .

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