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Flapping Sound At Above 50Mph


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My MK5 makes a strange flapping sound at around 40-50mph and gets faster as I speed up. Sounds like somethings is loose but I cant pinpoint it because I pretty much concentrate on driving at those speeds! And it doesn't happen at lower speeds. any known issues? Thanks.

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could be any number of things you really need to get a passenger.

Grab some willing family membor or a friend to sit in the back of the car and to listen and agree they can hear the noise.

Then you or they need to point in the direction on where it is coming from.

A Rattling Wheel cover

(Rattling) or Loose fan/drive belt tensioner

Check the wheelnuts are tight.

Ascertain if it is coming from the engine by sitting in your car on the drive with the window open and slowly increase the revs up to about 3000-3500 to see if it is the engine.


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