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using cigar lighter socket to power other accessories

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hello to all ,

mine is mk8 fiesta 1.0 ecoboost 100 ps automatic.

my car didn't come with a dedicated power socket, only the cigar lighter and two USB ports, 

now I'm thinking of purchasing a car vacuum cleaner, but I'm confused if I can use the cigar lighter socket to power it or I will damage the socket.

looking at the manual I became more confused, in the "Cigar lighter" section at the top of the page it says

  WARNING:  Do not plug optional electrical accessories into the cigar lighter socket. Incorrect use of the cigar lighter can cause damage not covered by the vehicle warranty, and can result in fire or serious injury.

however at the end of the page it says

Note:  When you switch the ignition on, you can use the socket to power 12 volt appliances with a maximum current rating of 15 amps.

could anybody help me out of this confusion ?

I've heard that on other car if you plugged in an appliance you will damage the spring in the socket responsible for holding and releasing the lighter element, however you can continue use the socket as a power plug, but at that point forget about it being a cigar lighter !! 

any help ? 🙂 

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It's probably Ford trying to cover themselves and wiggle out of a warranty claim, so nothing much to worry about.

However, when you buy your car-vac, make sure sure it runs at less than 15 amps, or 180 Watts. I'd imagine if it suddenly took more power, it would blow a fuse rather than melt wires/start fires.

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