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Couple questions

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Hello fellas,

I recently purchased CMax 2011. 2.0 Diesel Titanium with powershit.
Here are couple things that have crossed my mind but I don't know the answer to.

Can I change for how long is there power in 12v outlets and other things after I turn off the car?

Where can I find sheets with codes for Forscan?
Most of the stuff I managed to find is for F150.

When I activate auto locking (after starting the drive) it does nothing.
I also tried the procedure with on-3x lock-off-3x lock etc. but still nothing.
Is there something else I should do?

Sometimes when I start the car, there is no sound from player, and it's somewhat unresponsive.
When I turn the knob for volume - it displays the number, but it won't change it.
When I press next it doesn't change the song or radio station etc.
It fixes itself when i restart the car, but it's a bit annoying stopping and turning the car off and then on.
What could cause this and how to fix it?

I also get error for child lock (it's electric) but it goes away when I turn it off and then on again.

Is 23 MPG bad as I think it is? For city, I can double it on a highway cruising at 60mph.
What could cause this? I'm not aggressive driver.
What to check, how to fix?

Can I set for the car to lock itself when it doesn't detect key? Like when I walk away from it.

Can I put instrument cluster from 2015 model (with bigger screen), from car with same engine/trans?

Will Sync 3 from 2016 Escape fit in my CMax?

Is there a way to "remember" set speed limit, so I don't have to set it every time I start the car?
Since I do mostly city, it would be useful.

Thank you for replies!

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