Cost of new Unit / ABS - can controller be replaced separate from modulator?

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I've come to the realisation that it's now likely that my ABS control module is the fault - despite every garage Ive called saying that these failing are rare.

The Rear Left fault code is intermittent, resets randomly while driving, but always comes back - TC, ABS, HSA, TPMS and Information Lights.

Replaced so far - 

Wheel Speed Sensor (Swapped sides and NEW sensor replaced)

Hub (NEW hub - Correct unit by part number)

Wiring extension (Swapped sides and NEW harness replaced)

The car is booked in with Ford a week this Friday (First booking I could get - booked 2 weeks ago!), but before it goes in, I was wondering if the ABS module had to be replaced as a whole unit, or code the "brains" of the unit control be replaced separately - and so avoid the hassle of a ABS bleed?

Also, I found a Ford EPC website, gives the part number - 1779677 - Anyone have any ideas if thats right?







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The ABS ECU can be removed from the modulator, but I'm not sure whether Ford would do it.

The complete unit will be very expensive from Ford...£300+ as a rough estimate.  You can buy used replacements for £30 on ebay.  They do rarely go wrong so I'd be surprised if you managed to buy a faulty used one.

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Be aware that on the Focus MK3 the ABS module is part of the PATS immobilizer system. When the ABS module is replaced for a used one the car will be immobilized.

I know several cases where a Ford dealer was not able to reprogram a used ABS module on a Focus MK3. Unfortunately I do not know whether this is caused by incompetence or restrictions of the Ford IDS/FDRS diagnostic system. Programming of a new ABS module should be no problem.

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