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Engine management light

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I have a ford focus 1.6 manual Diesel and the engine management light as come on any ideas? 

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Try throwing a dart at this magic dart board which may tell you why your engine management light has come on. Failing that I'll get my crystal ball out...20210131_224104.thumb.jpg.ce6ca1fb54a3517e0d0e82a977477843.jpg 

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29 minutes ago, Pwp said:

Not helpful at all. Why comment 

😂I could say the same to you as your original post isn't helpful to anyone

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My advice is to follow the advice given in post 5 of this thread


Once you have the software installed and working, have a look for any diagnostic trouble codes stored and report back.

For what you are doing you do NOT need a licence, it is mainly for programming keys and some other functions.

I purchased my ELM327 USB lead here


and it comes highly recommended by many members.

The software is fine and there are lots of forum members here who are expert with it and will readily help.

There are youtube Forscan videos for new starters.




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