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I have a 240 BHP Mondeo and can get it remapped to 280. It has the powershift gearbox and I’m not sure how the extra BHP could effect the box. Any thoughts people??


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Hi Chris, numerous people have had a remap to your model. Haven't heard of it causing any problems but of course the Getrag Powershift 6DCT450 has not got a particularly brilliant reputation. Although I have had a Mk4.5 fully kitted Titanium X Sport 2 litre ecoboost and never ant probs, now sold.

Typical professional safe remap should give around 270 bhp and max torque of 473/475 newton metres. Friends and I always used to use Superchips in Milton Keynes but the original owners have sold up. The new owners/staff have all the original excellent maps and agents dotted about the uk


With that torque figure it should be ok as Getrag confirm their official SAFE max torque for the trans is 450 newton meters (hence their code of 6DCT 450 (6 speed, dual clutch, 450 newton metres)

I guess you are aware that the 6DCT450 needs a transmission oil and filter service every 37,500 miles or 3 years, whichever occurs first. This service is an absolute must if you want any chance of the transmission having a reasonable length of life

I note Superchips have an offer on at the moment, usually £374, now £274

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