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Power fold mirror's question

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Just bought a 2017 fiesta zetec 1.1 5 door, and trying to find the Definitive answer does it have power fold mirror's? They don't open and close with the ignition , and following the instructions hits a dead end.

Don't want to manually fold them and damage the motor if there is one.

Thanks in advance.

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first off, does your mirror control look like this?

 Image 11 - 2018-FORD-FIESTA-ST-LINE-O-S-WINDOW-MIRROR-SWITCH-H1BT-14540-BB  or Ford Fiesta Wing Mirror Switch | Buy Cheap | Buy Online

If so the mirror fold button is the button just above the window buttons but below the 4 direction pad or in the case of the one to the right put the three position switch (for left and right) in the centre and the then press the down arrow, secondly, in the audio infotainment system or the car settings on the dash, there should be an option to fold the mirrors when you lock the car and unlock it.

Also your fiesta should have powerfold mirrors as my MK7.5 Zetec has them

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