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Intermittent clutch judder

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I was wondering if anyone had any idea what could be causing an intermittent clutch judder on my 2015 Titanium 125 Ecoboost (18500 miles). It seemed to start after I took it in for the recall for the clutch slip software update, were every so often the clutch will judder when starting away in first gear and occasionally when reversing. It doesn't seem to matter whether the engine and transmission is hot or cold or if I've driven less than a mile or over a hundred, it just does it randomly. It's due a service so any info on what could be causing it would be helpful to tell the dealer, rather than them 'testing' it and finding no fault 🤔 Cheers

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part of the software update it to ABUSE the clutch to see if they can get it to slip, if it does they replace for free !!!

the result is they abuse and damage your once serviceable clutch and then DON'T replace it !!!

intermittent clutch judder is quite common, the wear / craizing on the flywheel and pressure plate and a part worn centre plate will behave slightly differently with various engine temps, driving conditions, weather and life.  It only takes a tiny bit to go from happy to silly.  No doubt the part baked new engine map probably doesn't make things easier to manage


that said a broken spring in the cush drive of the centre plate is also common, particularity as they are made for -2p each with steel that a 45 year dastun would be proud of and only heat treated by the bum cheeks of 15 Chinese slaves.  Those points with a bit of extra dust from the special abuse the nice man at the dealership did to it, together with the general weep of oil you get on a high mileage second-hand car - all adds up to NORMAL but irritating


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Thanks for the reply and the amusing explanation, it cheered me up! It's a pity because I like the car, it's nice to drive, economical and has just enough power to keep you moving, I've never had any other trouble with it but perhaps it's time to move on, with an annoying judder of course, and start looking for a replacement, if it will be a Focus or even a Ford is a big if...

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I never did one but somehow Vauxhall cavaliers had some strange idea where the clutch would come out with the gearbox in situ...  if these were like that would be worth putting one in



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