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2013 Rear sidelights LEDs Problem


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Hi all,

My galaxy had problems for years with the rear LED clusters that are used as the rear side lights.

These are made of two parts the small that is fixed and the larger that is fitted to the lid/gate. It's with the larger that I have the problems. My galaxy is not alone with the problem, I have seen others with the same issue.

Issue: some of the LEDs are not on. It almost looks like there is not enough voltage getting to the cluster, not enough power to run all LEDs.

I don't believe the LEDs are at fault because sometimes within that same cluster some LEDs that were off the night before are now working and others stopped.

Also, is it was low voltage then once the vehicle starts the voltage goes up to 14v, this would surely get enough juice for all LEDs, right?

is there anything known about this problem?



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