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What Size Speakers Does My Mk7 Titanium 3 Door Have


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I want to install better speakers into my fiesta titanium 3 door.

What sizes are the speakers and what are your recomendations.

is it worth installing sound sheets (sound proofing to the doors etc


17cm front and back, but you need to buy or make an adapter to fit them. But the tweeter up front is a non-standard fit (about 40mm across, so you'd need to glue in a replacement). I installed Pioneer TS-E170ci components up front and TS-E1702i coaxials in the back. I've put the new tweeters on top of the dash to get better imaging.

See my post here: Talkaudio and on this site (which I'm told has quite a good search function :P ) My link

What Speakers you choose depends on the sort of music you listen to and how much you're prepared to spend - have a look at the Talkaudio site for some high-end recs (any 6.5 inch or 17cm speaker can be installed). Or go to a shop and listen to some...

I added Silent Coat sound deadening sheets to the doors (see the Talkaudio link) and I also added foam to the backs of the door cards. There's been a subjective improvement in outside noise.


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