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I have a 2015 Fiesta.  About 3 weeks ago when I started the car, the voice of the car declared “Emergency Assistance is not operational, please contact your dealership”.  The Emergency Assistance message on screen then told me it was on.  Just a few seconds after this something else flickered on the screen but I couldn’t catch it.  When I eventually saw this other message it was saying that my traction control was off…….it’s most definitely on!!

I booked my car in with my mechanic to pop up on diagnostics to see what was going on, ironically the traction control message did not appear again from the time I booked it in.  Fast forward to Friday morning when I was due to pop my car down, started her up and my Power Train (wrench symbol) light came on.  I shut the car off and re-started which cleared this light.  Popped the car to the garage only to receive a call to say that a code had come up (I’ve not got a note of the code) but they felt it needed to go to a Ford dealership, as they weren’t sure whether it’s software, wiring or something else.  

The earliest Ford can see the car is in a couple of weeks.  Just wondered if anyone had heard of or had this type of issue before.  The car is driving fine (I’m not driving it any great distance just around the block to keep it ticking over), no play on the steering and nothing feels “off”.  At no point, up until Friday morning, have any warning lights appeared.  I had a new accelerator sensor fitted in November 2021 when the wrench light came on at that time.

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