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2012 Titanium X Sport Headunit Upgrade?


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Is there anyway to upgrade this headunit to one that supports android auto/carplay? I can't see anything online other than cheap eBay stuff and i doubt i can get a standard double-din as he climate control is all interlinked?


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I have seen people post pictures of units with the climate controls too as part of the replacement nav unit, but I don't know where they got them from (probably ebay).

I looked at the possible options back in 2013, although just for a sat nav and not for Android auto or Apple carplay; whether to get non sat nav and change it or a car with factory sat nav. At the time, changing the unit may have resulted in loss of functionality in the Convers+ screen (e.g: song names, routing info), steering wheel controls etc so I decided to just get a car with the factory sat nav. It's a bit clunky now compared to modern cars but it's useable. Just updated the maps to 2022 last week. I do tend to use google maps on my phone too and they do route differently depending on the settings but can normally get a good route with a combination of both. I would pre plan any trips on Google maps anyway (on a computer), so I know roughly where it's taking me. The car satnav might take me another way but it will update the route based on which way you go. (I'm sure you know this). Ultimately the car sat nav will get you to your destination.

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