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Cam belt 1Ltr eco boost

Andy Driscoll

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2015 1LTR 聽Ecoboost 68000 miles it broke down 聽the RAC are saying the cam belt has gone what are peoples thoughts as to what may have caused it 聽as should have lasted longer than that and is the engine likely to be trash now cheers 馃

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The 1.0 Ecoboom engine has a very well known problem of the wet cambelt failing. Yes you would expect it to last longer than 68,000 miles but there are many cases on this forum of failures well below that mileage.

How regularly has the engine been serviced, and what specification of oil was used plays a major part in the early failure of the wet cambelt. There are other factors such as how often is the car driven and what sort of journeys does it regularly get used for. When the oil and filter has been changed in the past was an engine oil flush used or any kind of oil treatments ?

The sad fact is your engine is most likely scrap. It is also important to check very carefully the condition of the turbo which might have suffered damage.

The attempted repair of a 1.0 Ecoboost engine after the cambelt fails is very rarely successful and normally just results in wasting time and throwing even more money at the problem.

Find a good independent garage who are willing to source and fit a used second hand engine. Expect to pay about 拢4500 for the garage to supply and fit the replacement.聽 As soon as the car is running again correctly and with no warning lights, trade it in ASAP

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