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Focus 1.6 TDCI Duratorq - Non Start Issue


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Hi all,
I have a 2009 Focus 1.6 TDCI Duratorq which has had quite a few issues with carbon build up,
The EGR has been removed, cleaned and a blanking plate put in, the car began hesitating on acceleration
a short while later, the blanking plate was removed and the car ran rough, the fuel filter was changed, the fuel lines bled and the car started only when playing with the accelerator on turnover. The car idled with no issues but hesitated when pressing the accelerator over 1500 revs, noticed what appeared to be smoke coming from the intake manifold, checked the back of  the manifold and could feel that it was not sitting flush.
The manifold was removed and one of the seals was not seated correctly, this was replaced and all reassembled - The fuel lines were bled again but now the engine will not start and sounds to me as if there is a blockage or air lock somewhere, I've double checked that everything has been connected back up correctly and have checked the fuel line again but seem to have hit a brick wall with it,

I've added a sound clip to this in hope that somebody here will be able shine a light on what could be causing the new no start issue,

Thank you!

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