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Code P204D


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Hi all, just had the engine management light come on and took it to a friend with some diagnostic equipment. He's given me P204D as the fault code so will take it to the garage tomorrow.  Anyone else had this and what problems await? 

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I'm confused (.com)

Your profile says you have a 1982 Fiesta Mk1 but this question is in the Ford Ranger forum.

The code is a basic generic code (read probably by a generic code reader) and is not likely to apply to a Fiesta Mk1 so I'm assuming a Ranger. This video should help .....


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Hi unofix 

I've had the p204d error code with adblue low, I have followed the stripout in this video of the wires but did not find chaffing but this in the attached image! This surely can't be part of the oringinal ford wiring loom or is it?


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Yes that is the normal factory wiring just the way Ford built it 👍

Looking at the state of the wiring in the connector I'd expect corrosion and or high resistance of the wires and connector pins.

Get some spray cans of Brake and Clutch cleaner and blast away all the muck. When everything is looking shiny and new get a good look at the individual wires and pins. Finally give the whole thing a spray with WD40 to help repel water in the future.


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Thanks unofix, I've just posted this as a new topic but also the photo has zoomed out for some reason and doesn't show the dodgy looking black wire and silver sleeving, ill add it again and see if I get the full image.20230423_180051.thumb.jpg.be1be497a2f1ac38b3ee507aafcb011d.jpg

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