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SMAX 2015-21 auto vs manual

Griff Glowen

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I’m based in UK and looking to buy an SMAX and can probably afford something between 2016-2018.  I assume it will be a diesel as there aren’t many petrol models around.

Weighing up between automatic or manual - Id like to try auto but am told that in general autos have shorter lifespan and need more (and more expensive) maintenance. Can anyone comment on whether this is true for the SMAX?

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I have a 2015 180 diesel with a manual.  One gripe I have is the turbo lag, bad ratio in 1st and 2nd gear. When your rolling up to a junction/roundabout, where you would normally roll up in second and pull away if clear. If you drop to around 15mph, you need to shift into 1st as there is no power to go. From what I’ve been told the auto doesn’t have this issue. I would recommend test driving the different power outputs and gearboxes.  Just don’t buy a petrol one, the car is too heavy for the little petrol engines Ford put in them. 

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