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Rattling when accelerating in mainly 3rd (manual gearbox) - ECOSPORT STLINE 2019


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Hi, I have the issue I've seem some other have where  there is a rattling noise when accelerating in mainly 3rd 3000+ revs, this goes away if you hold the stick. I bought this used from availablecar UK and they are trying to fix it, their first attempt failed but it was a little better and the gearstick felt a but tighter, they said they "repaired" the gear linkage. Is this even possible, is this a repairable part, I asked if they had fitted the revised part i've heard some people mention but they just keep saying they repaired it.

Does anyone know anything about said revised gear linkage part, what the old and new part number is, i'm guessing its the same for the fiesta so i'll post this on their forum too.

Any other advice would also be very helpful, the car only has 19k on it and its mint so I want it fixed rather than returning it.

Thanks 🙂

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