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Halfords Reversing Camera for a Focus Mk.4 - Opinions/Comments Please


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Hi folks.

My daughter has just bought a low-mileage, Dec 21 Focus Titanium X - but it doesn't have a reversing camera.

I've been looking into this for her and came across this - link : Motormax Ford Reversing Camera from Halfords

The camera unit - which fits in place of the number plate light - is £99.99 and Halfords charge £80 to fit.

Has anyone fitted one of these and if so, what is the verdict?  Is it any good?

I'm not sure whether the reversing lines would be static or active - other internet threads suggest that if the car has parking sensors (it does) then the reversing line will be active.

Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks in advance,


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I don't think it's compatible with the Ford Sync unit in its native state, it says "compatible with aftermarket stereos". I think you would have to get a 52pin APIM harness to provide an RCA input. 

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I'd avoid going for that, they can't even get it the right way up...

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