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Car vibration

Fisherman friend

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Hi ford owners. I've recently bought a 2011 Ford galaxy. The car was vibrating in higher gears so I got the DMF replaced but its still the same.car is still vibrating. Any ideas what it could be, starting with most probable and cheapest option to change first.


Thanks for reading.

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Possibly get more answers if you post your question in the Galaxy forum.

What engine is it ?

What gearbox ?

Have you used FORScan to check for any Ford specific DTC's ?

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7 hours ago, Fisherman friend said:

The car was vibrating in higher gears

Higher gears means higher speed, usually. So it sounds more likely to be tyres or suspension.

Only if the vibration happens in the same rpm range regardless of gear, can it be DMF, engine mounts or other engine problems. So I don't know why DMF was even suspected.

Checking tyres for balance and uneven wear is the cheapest, so start there. Some tyres I had once started to make the car vibrate as they were visibly getting to end of life (low tread), so they got changed a bit earlier than planned, and cured the problem.

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