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Fiesta Ecoboost, window not working (intermittent)


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Hi Peeps, having an issue with my drivers door window, sometimes not working?

Its a 2017 Fiesta Ecoboost (1.0L model) 5 door hatchback, petrol.

Every now and then lately when I press the button to open or close the window there is a slight delay, or it does not work, but when I press it again, it does work, (drivers door only, passenger door window is fine).

Then today I opened the window a bit (about 6 inches) and it stuck, button would not close it, so I panicked! But after a couple of minutes the button worked again and I could close the window. So now I'm a bit paranoid about opening the window at all, in case it gets stuck open!

It was very wet today, (driving on motorway in heavy rain), not sure if that has any relevance?

I'm assuming that as its still working, albeit intermittently that the fuse / relay will therefore be ok, as if they were bad then presumably the switch would not work at all.

This therefore leads me to suspect that its either a dodgy connection, (if so where?) or a dodgy switch, or a dodgy motor. I'm assuming a dodgy motor will be the most expensive, so hoping it just a bad connection or switch.

Anyone else had this experience and if so how did you resolve it?

Thank you

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Yep, my thoughts, cheers, will give it a go, I assume a switch change over is fairly easy?

Did a heated door mirror changeover on my Titanium a while back and it was a right pig!!!     8-)

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