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Can't cure Engine Systems Fault message showing on a Focus TDCi

John C B

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Some time ago I posted a message about my Ford Focus 1997 TDCi involving the message “Engine systems fault” showing and then the car not reving above 2500 rpm.

The RAC was not able to cure the problem but said that the fault codes P2135 and P193B were showing.

In the meantime I have taken the car to a local independent garage and the local main Ford garage but neither has been able to cure the problem.

When I posted my original message someone very kindly suggested a fault involving faulty contacts in the wiring loom and gave ways how to check this by taking various voltage readings but, try as I may, I just can’t find this message and would be truly grateful if the original person, or someone else, would let me know how to check whether this could be the fault affecting my car.

I am almost certain that the fault showing is indeed due to a faulty connection due to water getting in somewhere and not a fault with the engine since, during the Summer, when the weather remained dry for weeks, the car ran perfectly and I was getting more than 50 mpg

However, after the latest rain the fault has come back and, in desperation, I have taken the car to a local auto-electrician but as yet he cannot find the problem. I am very impressed with what he has tried so far and he has said he would really appreciate being given any assistance.

So, if anyone can help it would mean more to me than you could imagine. 

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Original post 26th August 2020.

On 8/26/2020 at 2:08 PM, John C B said:

My Ford shows up the following diagnosis:

P2135 Throttle position sensors A and B; plausibility error

            - Error

            - Present

P0223 Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch B Circuit intermittent

            - Circuit high input

            - Present

If anyone has come across these faults before and could tell me the most likely way of fixing them I really would be so grateful.

Best wishes, John C B


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Check the glow plugs relay and control unit. I have a different car, so Yours may be located elsewhere, but I have my issue fixed. The reason was some pest nibbling trough the connector and water came into the connector. Also my 3 of glow plugs were dead.

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