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Immo active

Robert S-Max

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Hi it all began with front passenger door would not lock on fob then both doors on the same side then back door deadlocked and turn signal on mirror don't work windows on same side don't work so I'm guessing wiring issue. Now I unplugged one of the wiring loom connecter from under foot well and now for some strange reason immo active used forscan to reset keys and reset modules but now abs error codes that weren't there before one is saying cannot communicate with abs module and can't talk to door module b.

I've read that bcmii pcm, cluster and abs module need to communicate to be able to start car.

Any help much appreciated as my dad and mum bought me the car before they sadly passed away so the car has sentimental value 

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It is very common for cars of circa 2010 to have problems with the instrument cluster caused by the poor quality solder that was used at the time.

If the IC develops communication problems on the canbus then the immobiliser will not allow the car to start. Using 'sensible' force hit the top of the dashboard above the instrument cluster using your hand. Give it a firm thump or two !!

Do the faults change do you get more or less problems ?

If things do change then you need the IC repaired and refurbished (check out eBay for companies doing that) it will cost around £90.

If there is no change after thumping the IC then you most probably have the other common problem of water getting in to the Body Control Module (BCM) which is part of the passenger compartment fusebox. To check that firstly disconnect the negative battery lead before removing the connectors from the BCM and looking for signs of water and/or corrosion.

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