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08 Focus 1.4 Petrol - Valve/Hose issue?

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Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction as to what's wrong with my Focus. Long story short had to sell my SMax as buying a house. Bought an older Focus just to get by for the moment so don't have a lot of money to go to main dealer yet. 

When I was idling in traffic/moving slowly in first gear an engine malfunction light came on and the car started making revving noises and not driving well. Restarted car and all was fine again. This happened a few times always when in low gear/idling in traffic. Brought it to a local garage (not main dealer) and no faults registered on their computers. Other than this fault the car is driving well. 

Was advised by a friend to check hoses and sure enough found a large hole and split in the crankcase ventilation hose. Ordered new hose and replaced the broken one. When the new hose is on, the car won't start at all. It turns over but then just dies. Put the old split hose back on and it starts up no bother. 

I took out the PCV valve and cleaned it as best I could but again new hose and it won't start, old hose it starts. 

I am due an NCT/MOT next week so don't have a lot of time to leave into a garage for investigations. When idling as part of the test I imagine the fault will appear. 

Anyone any idea what could be causing this so I can ask my mechanic to look into it?

Sorry for long post, appreciate any advice. 

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