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Hey everyone,

I have the problem that my Ford (Fiesta ST200 MK7 built in 2016) repeats every track. When I connect my iPhone (13 mini) to the radio (Sync 1 v5.10) via bluetooth, my SoundCloud app and the radio automatically switch to the "repeat track" function. This cannot be changed or switched off as long as the iPhone and radio are connected. If the connection is disconnected, everything works normally again for both. Or if the SoundCloud app is closed several times + reopened, or music is played briefly from e.g. Spotify ("Repeat track" switched off in this app), the playlist playback in SoundCloud also works...
Does anyone know this problem?
I recently had a hi-fi system installed, the problem did not exist before. The installation was carried out by a professional and the problem only exists with my iPhone. Everything works as it should with my girlfriend's Android phone.

Please help me this is so annoying and nobody in Germany has been able to tell me what the problem is. Even reverting to the previous factory hi-fi system was unsuccessful.

I make a Video: https://files.fm/f/cbk2ewtscb

best regards 



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