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Noises From Under Front Of Car

Colin T

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This morning I had some strange noises coming from underneath the front of the car....this happened as soon as I started driving the car off the driveway and during slow speed driving in and around town.

Sounds like mechanical / creaking noise

I thought it may have been 'front springs' (I read on some forum that Focus are prone to broken front springs)

Quick visual check by local garage says it's not the front springs.

I've booked the car in for Saturday morning to have it up on ramps and checked

In the meantime, any ideas? or comments about 'common faults' that are likely cause of this creaking noise??


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Next day, this noise became much worse and was most evident when steering the car, sounded like wheel was going to come off. Local independent garage was too busy and couldn't look at the car until Saturday. I had to get the car booked into local Ford garage for an urgent fix. After their initial check it was found to be a 'broken' near side front suspension link rod!!

Cost about £90 to get fixed, new link rod + labour + vat

Car is much quieter and I feel a bit more reassured.

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