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Fuel Problems And Running

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Hello there first post so here goes, have a 1999 finesse estate td. Been running ok but lacking power in lower gears. Now struggling in lower gears and lacking power. Had trouble starting and checked fuel lines, found no fuel delivery, so primed the pump and it started and ran ok. Having the same problem restarting needing to re prime the pump.

So before I start replacing things myself is there a quick guide to finding the solution to the problem. I have used Haynes manuals in the past to trouble shoot and end up replacing parts that I did'nt need. So hopefully I can be pointed in the right direction before I go to the garage.

Cheers Mike

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Hello. The first thing I would do is change the fuel filter because lacking power and problems with fuel deliver could be this and/or you have an air leak and by the sounds of it a very bad air leak. Look for any damp areas on the fuel lines because where fuel gets out air can get in, also check that the seal on the fuel filter is OK and hasn't been damaged when someone fitted a new filter. I think I should also mention: do you have any crushed/flattened metal fuel lines as this can cause problems and even bugger your fuel pump, you can have collapsed rubber fuel lines but usually if the wrong type of rubber has been used - I had this once when I used the wrong type just to get me from Poland back to the UK on an Xantia diesel, after a few weeks it started to lose power and I traced it to the rubber pipe, which had collapsed.

....on some makes of diesel car the rubber on the manual priming pump can start to leak air, so check this, although it might be hard to tell if it is or not :(

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Have picked up fuel filter and will fit tomorrow,does anyone know when the cambelt renewals should be, mileage is at 107,000 mi. I'm sure the engine has had a replacement already,so it maybe a time to do a service ?

cheers peeps.


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