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Has Anyone Fitted One Of These Cd Players.......?

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Hi Guys, i wanted to reto fit the bluetooth, but with the price of the wiring loom im tempted to buy this.... any have any experience with these? Do they fit properly etc?

Link >>>>>


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I fitted a very similar one in my last Focus. It is plug and play and you can use whatever windows PDA based GPS software you want on it. I used iGo8 and as a satnav, it was excellent.

I also fitted a reversing camera which automatically switched to the reversing screen when I put the car into reverse gear which was cool.

The bluetooth worked fine, but I did have to shout a bit to be heard.

The radio signal wasn't great and the version I had didn't have RDS, EON or a signal lock. TV was a waste of time without an aerial the size of one you would put on your house.

The sound was OK but not as good as a standard unit. Remember these are Chinese units and the quality isn't great.

DVD Quality was OK. There is an earth lead that is supposed to go to the handbrake so you can only see the image whilst the hand brake is on. If you run this straight to earth, you can have the DVD showing all the time.

The only other thing is, there are a lot of leads and a canbus box coming out of the back, and there is very little room to tuck this lot away in the dash. It will go in eventually, but is a bit of a mare.

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