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Im new here and i'm due to pick up my silver 2009 Fiesta Zetec S TDCi 95 on saturday morning. big difference for me coming from a 2005 1.9 astra sri 150 but there's a few issue with it and wanted something cheaper to run so it was time to go.

Was a lovely little car on the test drive. so much more comfy compared to my astra, nice steering, nice precise gearing unlike the astra, so i'm looking forward to my ownership . just power difference was noticeable.

Future plans are side skirts as it just doest look quite right without them, especially as its got the 17s on. Possibly a DTUK box if the power difference gets to me. Also debating on putting my double din from my astra into it but looking at the price of facias i may not.

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