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Brake Test


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What is the mininum efficiency for brakes when being tested, as I have had my 51 plate MK1 1.6 Zetec Ford Focus MOT today and it got 67% for service brake total force and 20% for parking brake total force. I had to have my brake line going to the drums done as it was highly corroded and my front flexis as they were buldging. Could these results have been taken before the repairs. This is what the report says:

service Brake Front: Left-234kgf* Right-355kgf* Imb 6%

service Brake Rear : Left-102kgf* Right-125kgf* Imb -1%

Service Brake Total Force: 816kgf Efficiency 67%

Parking Brake : Left-111kgf* Right-137kgf* Imb -1%

Parking Brake Toal Force: 284kgf Efficiency 20%


What does this mean and do you think this is good, ok or bad for an 11 year old car.

Thanks in advance

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