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Panther Black :-(

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Hi guys

Got a 'black' ford focus 2002 Zetec and i needed to spray front and rear panel. Rang Ford and asked them my colour and they said panther black, so....... I went to Halfords and got a couple of tins; however no one told me there are LOADS of panther blacks :-(

Found out my panther black is F8 (after spraying the car), so i went back to Halfords and they gave me my money back for the used tins lol and made me some F8 (very nice of them).

My question I need to take off all the old paint before spraying with new F8 panther black? I used some wet and dry sand paper ready for the new paint, is that all i need to do?

Any tips on spraying? ohhhhh i almost forgot, i slightly went over onto the door panel (with the old paint) will i be able to blend in the new paint or do i need to remove it? you think it will be worth it to just do the whole right hand side.

So i've got the bit around the petrol cap to do and the bit next to the side indicator, thinking i might just paint the whole side, what do you guys think.

Thanks guys

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i wouldnt paint that much with tins mate just what you need to or youll have paint peeling everywhere remove the paint from the door. thats bodyshop work ie flattening the original paint filling and sanding imperfections applying undercoat then smoothing that off then applying a few top coats and laquer and baking isnt a do at home did flatten the original paint and prime and yo hav laquer?

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