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Steering/braking problem on 2005 Focus Estate


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I have a 2005 Focus Titanium Estate. A few weeks ago an intermitent problem started in that occasionally when braking there would be an almighty clunk asthough something had fallen off the bottom of the car. Around about the same time I was driving out of a multi-storey car park and the steering screeched on tight bends. I have also noticed that I feel every bump of the road, when this is usually such a smooth car to drive, when I'm a passenger it feels as though the floor is vibrating. I took it to my local Ford garage who checked the tyre pressure, balancing etc and said they couldn't find anything wrong.

Today I have driven my car (albeit in heavy snow) and it feels like I'm driving on a flat tyre. Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong with my car?

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I have a 2008 57 Reg Focus Zetec Hatchback and I have had similar issues with relation to the "flat tyre" feeling. This has only occurred this week during the snowy period and eased off this morning on clearer roads so I think it is just to do with the temperature and road surface causing that feeling. Countless times early this week I have been worried thinking I had flat front tyres but they are fine. As well as this my ABS has been working a bit and the brakes have felt strange.

With regard to the screeching when turning in and out of car parks you do get his in a lot of places. A car park near me for example, every car screeches as they turn into them, it is just the surface becoming shiny due to heavy traffic and rubber wheels trying to grip over it.

With regard to the suspension issue, luckily I do not have this so sounds like it could be a fault of some kind.

However, this is only my opinion and I am not a mechanic so of course best get it all checked out!

Hope this helps.

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