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Identifying Hose


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Hi, im new here. :mellow:

I have a Fiesta MK4 (2001) and its coming up to its MOT, recently checked oil and was below min so added more oil and saw a tear in one of the hoses coming from the oil cap (Push fit with 2 outlets).

I borrowed this picture off the internet.

Im trying to identify what this hose is connected to and its purpose?

The hose goes off into a 'tee' shape connection.


^ Image

Sorry for n00bness. Thanks for any help!

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I'm under the impression thats the Crank house filter pipe. having a split won't harm your car IF this is what my suspicions believe it to be. Please do not take my word for it, as I would need more photos to 100% determine what it is.

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I reckon it is the 'oil breather' pipe from the crankcase. It simply returns oil mist from the crankcase back into the top of the engine. If so, it is doing no harm other than releasing a bit of oil mist under the bonnet.

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Sorry for the late reply thanks for those who posted. Really apperciate it.

It was the oil breather pipe, i brought a 'new' (same model fiesta) one and fitted it and the car will not function properly without the 'spilt' in the pipe. With no splits the car just stalls and sounds like its being starved.

I changed the oil cap/other pipe that comes off oil cap, and same problem.

I have a MOT tommorrow so worried about this, it runs fine with the spilt pipe though.

Would this fail on a MOT?

If anyone has any advice with where to start looking id be grateful.

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