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Low Mileage Fiesta, Very Original Looking For A Caring Home


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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, please feel free to direct me somewhere better if need be :)

My Great Uncle has a 1990 Fiesta Popular Plus that is sitting unused in his garage and he's now become too frail to use it. He'd like to sell it, but as it's low mileage and not been used much, I suggested we contact you guys as one of your members might be interested, maybe even from a concourse point of view.

I don't know a great deal about concourse, but I was under the impression that original parts and state were seen as favourable?

It's a 1L 1990 (August) Ford Fiesta Popular Plus

20,874 miles from new

1 owner from new

Tax, Insurance ran out in May 12, MoT ran out in July 12. It's now SORN.

It's been stored from new in a garage.

We're under no illusion that it's not massively valuable, we'd just like it to go to a good home :-)





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I really hope this fantastic little car find's the right owner to cherish it..I have fond memories of my dad's red mark 3 fiesta...good luck.

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